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The road to decay – @ThisIsSeth

Here’s a nice observation from Seth Godin:

I’m sitting on a black couch in the lobby of a nice theater. The couch is cracked and peeling, with seven strips of black gaffer’s tape holding it together. And you don’t have to be an interior geologist to see that it has developed this patina over time, bit by bit.

The question is: Who was the first person who decided to fix the couch with tape?

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Work, an enriching part of life?

Kurt at Cultural Offering highlights the problem with the concept of “work-life balance”:

I’ve always considered my work part of my life.  My friends – especially the successful ones – make their work an enriching part of life.

To be sure, keeping the demands of work in proportion to the demands of domestic life can be tough. Especially if, like may sovereign professionals, you work from home. But, the idea of work being something that is to be balanced against “life”? It’s a cute phrase but nonsensical when you think about it.

Read Kurt, here.

The Fast Company article he references is here. It’s a fascinating read on the importance and power of the language that we use.

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Brexit and lessons for introverts

An Economist article on the current state of the Brexit debate carries lessons for introverts.

Not simply “shy”, introverts gain their energy from introversion – thinking and alone-time. In contrast to extroverts, they find people-time – parties, events, discussions and arguments – draining. Often, they keep a small group of deeply-trusted friends.

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I didn’t do the reading – @thisisseth

A great post from Seth Godin.

But doing the reading matters. It’s the shortcut to being better at your craft. And it’s respectful to those you’re working with, the ones who cared enough to allocate the time.

I’ve worked in organisations where no-one ever did the reading – so much time wasted, so many poor decisions.

Strangely, no-one ever confessed “I didn’t do the writing”.

Read the rest from Seth, here.


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Get better clients

Some thoughts:

From Seth Godin:

When the people we serve present themselves, when they offer us their attention and their trust, we need to work to see two things:

  1. Who they are. What do they fear, what do they believe, what do they need?
  2. Who they can become. Which doors can we open, how can we support them, what will they leave behind?


But if people aren’t choosing you, talking about you, asking you for more… it’s either because you picked the wrong axis, or because you’re not better enough. …

Better’s not up to us. It’s up to those we seek to serve.

Tom Albrighton has thoughts on becoming better enough:

Professional life is like this. You borrow some knowledge from here and there, but mostly just keep going along, doing what you do.

Then, before you know it, people start asking you for advice. To you, your answers seem obvious and banal. But people seem to like them. (Your younger self would have liked them.)

You have become the expert. Or, perhaps, the expert has become you.

or …

Instead of presenting ourselves as infallible oracles, maybe we should admit that there’s no certainty to what we do; no one right answer. We contend with luck and failure just like our clients. But we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and work hard nonetheless.

Maybe, it’s down to hard work and focus. Execupundit offers:

The don’ts followed today may be more productive than the do’s.


“Urgent and Important” tasks? Easy choice. Those get tackled first…


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