The Stoic and the sale – Kasey Pierce

This is good. Stoicism and salesmanship, especially as it relates to creatives and reluctant sellers.

Being published in indie publishing is a lot like starting in acting, none of us are experts, everyone is trying to get noticed, and it’s not at all glamorous. Although it is an honor and privilege to be published, to get your book in the hands of the people, to find your readers, takes some elbow grease. This means…you become a salesperson.

Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash

Summer shoes and general style

Ape to Gentleman is a fantastic blog for tips on men’s style.

Here’s a guide to the summer shoes all men should own, from white canvas sneakers to suede derbies.

…though, in fairness, it’s a little short on socks.

Elsewhere, it has a guide to summer shirts, matching shoes to shorts and much more.

Well worth a regular read.

Image: Brown suede Troon Derby shoe from Loake.

Sort out your energy levels – Nicholas Bate

Without energy, you are nothing. Great ideas get fuzzy and die, good intentions collapse in a withered heap.

Nicholas Bate has essential guidance…

1. To do the things you want to do, you need energy.

2. Level 1 Energy is dependent upon MEDS, meditation, exercise, diet and sleep.

3. Take time out; move/take stairs/dance/carry; eat wide (variety) and deep (local, in season, simple); sleep.

4. …

Read the rest, here.

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