On Indies and little breaks – @ThisIsSeth

Seth Godin is always worth reading.

Here he is on the importance of recognising what type of indie (independent, i.e. sovereign professional) you really are

Independent workers, founders, creators and organizers are often lumped together with a simple term, but that one-size-fits-all model fits no one.

Read, and select, here.

And, here he is on recognising the Little Breaks

Little breaks get you into a room, but they don’t guarantee your performance. Little breaks get you a glimmer of trust or opportunity, they give you a microphone and a chance to share your dream.

Little breaks are easy to ignore and thus are wasted.

Don’t miss the little breaks while waiting for your big one. Read the rest, here.

Both are relevant for aspiring unicorns.

Photo by Joen Patrick Caagbay on Unsplash