Oxford or Derby? Now you know

Confused about the difference between Oxford and Derby shoes? The Kingsman’s “Oxfords versus Brogues” debate didn’t help.

To solve the mystery, here are a couple of videos from Justin Fitzpatrick at the Shoe Snob.

And brogues? Well, “Oxfords versus Brogues” is a bit like saying Mercedes versus coupe or Waterman versus ballpoint. You can have Derby Brogues or Oxford Brogues.

Brogues are any shoes with perforation detailing on the top. Back in the good ol’ days shoes were perforated to wear in muddy water and other outdoor work actives and thus less formal.

Base London has the definition, here.

Image: ShoePassion.co.uk, https://www.shoepassion.co.uk/formal-shoes/no-560.html