Charles Handy – sage of sovereign professionals

The Sunday Times has a profile and short interview with social philosopher Charles Handy. At 87, he has a new book out.

Handy foresaw and defined the concept of a portfolio career. His Shamrock Organisation predicted the world of outsourcing, the gig economy and B2B freelancing in the manner of the sovereign professional.

And, in Gods of Management, he aligned the Greek god Dionysus with “artists and professionals who don’t want bosses”. I’ll go along with that. More wine, please.

“I am for the ‘aha’ effect,” he told The Sunday Times. “People say: ‘Aha, of course I have always known that instinctively, but I have never heard it put so well.’”

Doubtless his new book, 21 Letters on Life and its Challenges, belongs on our Must Read lists.

The Sunday Times article is, here.

Image: The Sunday Times / Akira Suemori