Creatives lead the way in freelance growth

Creative services show the biggest growth in two reports on the freelance and independent sector in the US and UK.

In the UK, Simply Business reports a 31% year-on-year growth in the number of freelancers. They note that:

the real growth in this space is being driven by a wave of emerging lifestyle and creative businesses. This suggests that more people are attempting to turn their hobbies and passions into businesses.

This includes a 24% increase in freelance photographers and a 159% increase in independent beauticians.

From the US, Fiverr finds that;

One in five skilled independents work in creative services.

Perhaps unsurprisingly…

In both Los Angeles and Nashville, creative skilled independents represent more than three in ten of all skilled independent workers in each market.”

Also interesting in the US report is the degree of clustering. Growth in number of workers and average revenues is higher in the biggest freelance markets.

The UK report, from Simply Business, is here.

The US report, from Fiverr, is here.

Photo by on Unsplash