Leave your shelter with Nicholas Bate

Nicholas Bate is always worth a visit. His posts are pithy, grounding and insightful.

Here’s a selection from his recent Basics 7 series:

Get out of your Head, Saturday

1. Cook: chop, slice, kneed

2. Clear: garage, study, garden

6. Sit outside: fresh coffee, a view, un-focused thoughts.

Leave your Shelter more often

3. To look long rather than just short.
4. To wander. And wonder.
5. To build resilience vs. weather. Wind, rain, cold and no Starbucks for miles.

Fit and Well without the Gym

1. Walk. One tube stop earlier. To the corner shop. To the tram. At lunch-time. Don’t think of it as slower than driving, think of it as the best wellness (mind and body) activity that exists.

3. Down time. Not slump on the sofa time. Time reflecting, time staring at the horizon. Time isolated from noise, the digital interrupt and 24/7 false news.

7. Sleep. Quality times quantity.

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Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash