Small but important thoughts…

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And his books, here: Looking back, I see I read Patrick’s Some Thoughts About Writing back in 2014, so I’ve been following him since before then.

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The greatest lessons we learn are rarely the lessons we seek.

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When is the best time to see something? Right now.
When is the best time to say something? Right now.
The time to do anything on your list you care about? Right now.
There are no guarantees. …

Or, from 2014, this

As someone who has found a way to make a modest amount of money from my writing, I’m often asked by others what the secret is. So, let me get straight to the point as to not waste your time…

Show up. Be yourself. Write. Put it out there for people to read.

If it is good, people will enjoy it. People like to share their enjoyment. If that fails, keep repeating the first three steps. If that works, keep repeating the first three steps.

And don’t forget The Cramped, for the sheer joy and power of paper and pen.

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