Leonardo da Vinci, ultimate sovereign professional?

I find I don’t know nearly enough about Leonardo da Vinci.

About a month ago, on Execupundit, Michael Wade recommended this YouTube video of Walter Isaacson discussing his latest book, Leonardo da Vinci. It took me a little while to get to it but if, like me, you haven’t got any closer to reading the book than buying it for a friend, I heartily recommend it.

I learnt that among Leonardo’s close friends were Luca Pacioli (the creator of double-entry bookkeeping, the cornerstone of commerce, finance and banking) and Nicolo Machiavelli. Just imagine the post-dinner discussions.

Isaacson also discusses the secrets of Mona Lisa’s smile and the Salvator Mundi’s sharp-focus fingers. Absolutely fascinating.

Leonardo was, of course, an archetypal sovereign professional, hiring his many talents to the highest paying clients of his time.

If you make it to the end of the video, you’ll also learn a truly fascinating fact about woodpeckers’ tongues. How can you resist?

Michael Wade is here. Always a source of inspiration and a burden to your bookshelf.

Isaacson’s book, Leonardo da Vinci, is here.