Annual Stoic Week – Royal Holloway, University of London

Sign up now for the eighth, annual Stoic Week.

It’s being run by the (incidentally, very beautiful) Royal Holloway college, University of London and consists of a free, online course starting from 1st October:

The idea behind the week is to give people an opportunity to see whether Stoic philosophy can help them lead a better life.

In order to achieve this, a free online course with step by step exercises and audio meditations has been created and anyone wishing to take part can sign up here.

Participants will be provided with wellbeing questionnaires before and after the seven days, so they can measure their progress.


John Sellars, a founding member of Stoicism Today project, and Lecturer in Philosophy at Royal Holloway, said: “The Roman Stoics argue that much of our unhappiness is of our own making and the product of how we look at things, rather than the things themselves.

“In particular, they suggest we need to understand what we can and cannot control, and become accepting of those things that just cannot be changed.

The project which people can be part of in October will help them start to learn how to have Stoicism in their everyday lives and to start feeling happier about situations which may have historically held them back.”

You can sign up, here.