Tools and kit – desk and office

For many sovereign professionals, your desk and your office will be where you do your greatest work. But, more than that, it’s your anchor, your lair and your retreat.

Invest the time to find the best desk for you, and to make your office the best possible environment in which to create your greatest work.

It may not be what you imagined. You need to balance form with function. I love the look of traditional, pedestal desks, but I have long legs and I hate the constriction of tucking them out of the way. In the end, leg space and a large, flat surface won out.

The Gentleman’s Gazette is always worth a visit and, here, it offers a guide to the Well-Appointed Office:

The desk should be the central piece of your office, both at home or external. It is there that you will write, read and – in a word – work. I like the mixture of old and new, of antique and contemporary: my desk is an English oak measuring 33 x 58 inches, over a hundred years old, that I bought at a local antique furniture shop.

And, here, to the all-important desk, where I learn that my personal preference is for a Bureau Plat:

On the matter of desks and offices, Cultural Offering has a long-running series on studies that you should check out, here. It includes this object of envy:

Pinterest is also, of course, a great source of inspiration.

We spend so much of our working day at our desk, in our offices, even with the liberty of flexible working and neighbourhood coffee-shops. It’s worth getting this grounding right.