Tools and kit – the A4 Lihit Lab Teffa Bag-in-Bag

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

I needed a sleeve to provide a little extra padding for my laptop and the Teffa Bag-in-Bag from Lihit Lab is ideal. It’s constructed in tough black nylon (or orange or lime-green, if you prefer) and has a handy array of pockets on the front.


The internal dimensions are a generous A4 size (33.5 x 25 cm to the edge of the lining and about 40.5 cm across the diagonal) which easily holds my 13″ laptop. The pockets were a bonus for me but make the bag versatile enough that I’ve occasionally used it on its own as a portfolio.

And, let’s not get overly-anoraky. It cost just £10 (since increased to £11.53), including free postage from Japan. I’d have paid twice as much or maybe more to get the right solution.

Lihit Lab’s own website is an auto-translated delight, which offers the following additional selling points:

  • “There is a lid for fall prevention in a pocket with a gusset. (When not using a lid, it can be harvested inside the pocket.)”
  • “A main pocket opens in “letter of KO” big by the double zipper.”
  • “Even if it’s dropped with a cushion of POINT 4 2mm Atsushi, I’m relieved.”

Mercifully, you can also buy it from Amazon, here.

I originally found the Teffa Bag-in-Bag in this review on The Well-Organised Desk. It shows a different use-case and a more detailed review.