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You want approval? That’s anathema to me.

Actor Daniel Craig, interviewed in the Sunday Times and asked: When did people start to care what others thought?

It’s social media. There is a constant looking, in life, for approval, and it really jars with me. But I’m a 51-year-old man. Nobody listens to me. Or they will stop listening to me sooner rather than later, so it doesn’t really matter what I think. But I grew up when punk rock was on the scene. You want approval? That’s anathema to me. It doesn’t make any sense to me — in art. It’s anti-art. It’s anti-creativity.

Read the full interview, here.


Be more wolf

Be more wolf, less sheep, with Nicholas Bate…

7. more wolf
8. less sheep
9. (although no reason
10. -no reason at all-
11. why you can’t be a
12. nice wolf.)
13. But how?
14. Read so much you can out-think anyone;
15. Think so much you can out-solve anything;
16. Solve so much you know exactly the Life you want.
17. Write so much you tumble with ideas;

Read the full fifty, here.

The wolf vs. sheep debate reminds me of this cartoon from Hugh MacLeod at Gaping Void (a copy of which hangs over my desk)…

Image by Andrea Bohl from Pixabay

Madsen Pirie on John Locke – @ASI

Last Thursday , 29th August, marked the birthday (in 1632) of John Locke.

The Adam Smith Institute’s Madsen Pirie writes a profile of the “father of liberalism” and his concept of constitutional government.

people eventually form civil governments through a contract to protect their rights. This is a two-way contract in which government has the duty to protect those rights, and loses the consent of the governed if it violates them.

As well as influencing England’s Bill of Rights…

Locke had major influence on the American Revolutionaries, and his ideas can be seen permeating both the Declaration of Independence and the first ten amendments to the Constitution that make up the Bill of Rights. He has been described by some as the intellectual foundation of government by consent, and is thus a major theoretician behind the institution of democratic elections that can give that consent.

Worth a read.

Image: By Godfrey Kneller, Portrait of John Locke (Hermitage).jpg (from, Public Domain,

What you seek will take hard work

Yes, you can dream. You can devote hours to seeking hacks and work-arounds and short-cuts. You can refuse the call and distract yourself with the siren-call of the mundane: the lawn always needs cutting, there’s always more news to read, those books could be tidied and re-ordered.

But, in the end, there is no real escape.

The essential Nicholas Bate reminds us of the basics of Hard Work…

1. What you seek will take hard work.
2. There is no quick fix for health, publication nor financial security.
3. Hard work-once started-feels good.
4. …

Read the rest, here. Then get to work.

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash